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Mathili Nath

Mathili is a designer based in Delhi, who works under her own label, Mathili's. She's been on the fashion circuit for over a decade and half, producing her own line and supplying to a vast majority of brands and retail stores around India

Mathili's designs are largely works of ornamental detail etched out in unusual and immaculate handloom fabrics. With a fondness for texture and an unbound fascination with Indian culture and history, her line is a comprehensive collection of gracious Indian wear and an entire semi-formal range that Indian women have come to accept and love globally.

They say some people walk into this world blessed. That they come with a purpose, with an angel watching over... With a desire to be perfect at their chosen field of work. Probably, Mathili was one of them.

She felt her bent towards formal and art at a tender age but she wholly understood this inclination when she was just in the 6th grade. Unlike other 11 year olds, she found her comfort and solace in sketching tasteful designs at the back of her copies, books or whatever piece of paper she found lying around. With loving care and nurtured want, she sparked the fire of the ambition she was destined to fulfill.

It was not easy to build a vision of glamour in an orthodox society. To stay put till the right opportunity comes by. But Mathili strove for her passion. She willfully joined the NIFT formal presentation course when she was simultaneously pursuing her BA (Hons) in English. Her ability finally found the right direction and she discovered her platform of expression. She groomed herself intensively and excelled in the world of formal. She had found her spot. There was no looking back then.

Actively working on bringing novelty to every piece, Mathili currently deals majorly in suits, lehengas and tunics. She delivers originality and believes in custom-made perfection. A national and international name in the market, Mathili's Creation defines style in her unique, charming way.

Reviving The Tradition of handloom

Mathili’s is also a front runner in reviving the age-old tradition of handloom by working extensively with weavers and handmade textiles. Since the inception of mill and factory rendered synthetic fabrics and their very limited costs of production, only a few have looked back on this aesthetically rich approach to designing. Mathili’s prides itself on electing the conventional procedure, remaining faithful to the one true method to designing clothes in India.

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Some Impressions

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Coco Chanel

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The current line is all Maheshwari, Linen and Ikkats. They’re different from my previous works as they all have indo-western through the embroidered detail on them.

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